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DIY Musician Podcast

Dec 23, 2022

TikTok is a powerful platform for music discovery; your songs and videos can reach the right new fans because of TikTok's algorithm. But did you know it's also one of the best places to find inspiration and showcase your  quirkiness. 

TikTok travels at the speed of memes, and that means there's a constant churn of...

Dec 14, 2022

How does niche music reach millions on TikTok? In this discussion from 2022's DIY Musician Conference, CD Baby's Chris Robley spoke with Jeremy Carter-Gordon of the vocal group Windborne. 

Not only have Windborne's videos gone massively viral, but the group grew their TikTok audience while staying true to how they want...

Dec 7, 2022

Whether you're new to music, new to town, or finally getting back out there after a break, it can be really beneficial to make solid connections in your own hometown before you try to conquer the world. How do you break into your local music scene and build a loyal audience?

Dec 2, 2022

Want to know how to make yourself more desirable, marketable, and overall employable as a side-person or session musician in today's post-pandemic climate? 

In this session from the 2022 DIY Musician Conference in Austin, TX, you'll hear from Damon Grant (who has worked with Charlie Hunter, Madonna, and many more) and...

Nov 22, 2022

What ELSE do you need for a successful music release besides the mastered music files? A lot! Let's talk through both the big-picture and nitty-gritty things you'll want to prepare before you launch your next single or album into the world.